There are many definitions of mentoring. However, the most succinct definition of mentoring is when someone shares their knowledge, skills, and experience to help another person to progress.
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What is a Mentor?

The definition of a mentor is a person who shares their knowledge, skills, and/or their experience, to help another person, or group of people, to progress. Traditionally a mentor would guide a mentee (see mentee definition below) in a one-to-one mentoring relationship. However, more recently, group mentoring has become popular amongst businesses and organisations, where one person shares knowledge and guidance with a larger group of people.
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What is a Mentee?

The definition of a mentee is a person who receives knowledge, skills, experience, and guidance from a mentor, to help them, the mentee, to progress. This progress is often in professional and career development, such as moving into a new role or job, but can be offered throughout a person’s life. In some cases, you may here the word mentee referred to as ‘mentoree’.
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What are the Benefits of Mentoring?

There are a significant number of benefits to mentoring for everyone involved. In traditional mentoring, with two parties, both the mentor and mentee stand to gain a lot from the mentoring relationship, which is why organisations are increasingly using mentoring programs and mentoring software to promote mentoring to their employees.

Benefits of mentoring can include:

Effective learning and first-hand knowledge-sharing through mentoring
Gaining practical insights, guidance, and advice from those in a position of experience
Increased confidence (typically for the mentee) from having a mentor in a position of seniority in an organisation
Improved interpersonal and communication skills for both the mentor and mentee
Empowerment from the mentee to progress effectively and the mentor to take on the new and additional responsibilities of supporting the mentee
Wider understanding of different perspectives, be that from different countries, organisations or departments in the same organisation
A trusted partner to discuss more confidential challenges and goals in one’s career

Benefits of mentoring can be felt on both sides and the phrase ‘mutual mentoring’ can effectively convey this, to make it clear to both parties that mentoring can help them.

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Individual Clinical Supervision

This service provides clinical supervision and coaching to individuals and groups working in the health, Mental Health, Disability and Community Services sector utilising a systemic and coaching approach.
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Group Supervision

Group supervision is facilitator-led via a formal, prearranged process that is agreed by the supervisor and supervisees. Terms of reference are developed outlining the process, structure, frequency and content of the sessions.