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About Us

We provide Clinical Supervision and Leadership Coaching to individuals and groups in the Health and Mental Health sector.

The provision of Supervision and Leadership Coaching will increase staff retention and improve team morale. This will lead to motivated staff and the development of high performance teams.

The provision of a high standard of Clinical Supervision and Leadership Coaching for staff and team leaders will have the following benefits;

Reduced sick days

Increased staff morale

Reduction in turnover of staff

Increased work satisfaction

Increased staff confidence

High functioning teams

Improved outcomes for clients


Individual Clinical Supervision

This service provides clinical supervision and coaching to individuals and groups working in the Health, Mental Health, Disability and Community Services sector utilising a systemic and coaching approach.
individual supervision

Group Supervision

Group Supervision
Group supervision is facilitator-led via a formal, prearranged process that is agreed by the supervisor and supervisees. Terms of reference are developed outlining the process, structure, frequency and content of the sessions.


Mentoring focuses on providing skills, knowledge and experience to another person to support their professional development and career progression.

As an experienced Social Worker, Clinical Supervisor and Team Leader, I have valued the Clinical supervision and coaching I have received in my career and the support it has given me to develop my clinical and leadership skills, whilst also challenging me to expand my knowledge base and reflect on my values and beliefs. This service will provide Clinical Supervision and Coaching services for clinical staff in the Health, Mental Health and Disability sector at all levels, from students to experienced Team Leaders and Clinical Managers.

Find the solution to your Supervision needs today